After I transferred to College, I hardly attended classes. I have been very

decadent in the past six months. If I can be given another chance, I will not cheat again.Due to cheating in the final exam in the second semester of my junior year, my grade was directly cleared by FAIL and my GPA dropped below 2.0. Since I had received a warning last semester, I received a suspension email from the school within two days after the end of the Meeting.Although I had expected it, when it really happened, I still felt uncomfortable for a long time. I didn’t sleep well for several days while waiting for the result.

The GPA in the United States is closely related to every test, attendance, homework, and group project. There are generally four kinds of punishment in American colleges and universities: warning, suspension, suspension, and expulsion.However, failing examinations, low attendance, cheating, plagiarism and academic dishonesty are all likely to be punished. In the end, failing to graduate would be a nightmare for any international student.

Studying abroad during my undergraduate period is just a time when I am young. I have my own ideas at the beginning, but I lack the ability to distinguish right from wrong. Therefore, I have to face many challenges in life, social, academic, emotional and other aspects to study in the United States.Heavy schoolwork, intense competition everywhere, overly demanding teachers, and smiling intern colleagues — we may all experience unpleasant things and people every day, but this is the real world of being an adult.Many international students are the top students of their own schools, but after coming from the United States, they can not adapt to the poor grades, and their parents’ high expectations will lead to some psychological problems, which is also an important reason for many international students’ poor performance.

American universities are different from domestic education, where the assessment of liberal arts is mostly based on memorization of knowledge points.But in the American liberal arts, besides reading a lot of literature thicker than bricks, you also need to participate in classroom interaction and discussion, and write dozens of pages of Paper.Each requires a great deal of autonomy and commitment.And the reason why most students fail to study abroad is that they cannot adapt to this difference.

Most professors prefer students who master professional knowledge well, give them face in class, have high participation in class, share the same interests with them or have novel ideas without challenging their authority too much.Therefore, in addition to studying my major well, I should sit in the front of the class and actively participate in the discussion in class. Every time, I should find some relevant questions and bring them up in class or after class. In ordinary times, I should read all my teacher’s papers and occasionally make some comments that clearly and subtly agree with his ideas.It’s not that hard to get an A.

Expelled from the United States suspended in general a better solution is to choose to skip the undergraduate course to apply for the Master, undergraduate, because the transfer will cost a lot of credit, at the same time let their undergraduate time greatly extended, directly at the Master price will be much higher, undoubtedly would not have been wasting time endless pursuing undergraduate, spend a lot of time and money with a bachelor’s degree.If you want to get your degree as soon as possible and don’t want to waste time, it is undoubtedly better to apply for Master directly.Getting a Master Degree can also give an explanation to parents and myself. Compared with transferring to another school, Master Degree is more cost-effective.

If we just talk ourselves into disappearing and being inactive, then in a few years we’ll be like everyone else, with the same family life, the same house, the same car, the same kids, the same promotions, the same discounts.We have so hard restless not compromise not to give up, for this is the final path to the same destination?Originally, all the way, just a mediocrity.