How does American undergraduate course suspend school to do not graduate

If you encounter suspension, will you be as confused as me?Because of repeated cheating, I received a suspension email from the school last May. I also tried to appeal, but all failed.I had planned to continue my study in College, but I gave up this plan due to the epidemic. I submitted an application for resuming school this year some time ago, but the school rejected me, which made me very upset for a time.I could have graduated normally next year, but now I have to delay for two years and even have the impulse to give up. It is really a waste of time, and my GPA is only 2.1. Even if I continue to study, I still need more courses to fill my GPA.

Although can transfer, but has been dropped out the history, want to further complete the study in school, the possibility of transfer to other good school is not big, but if under duress first transferred to some university or college courses in cohesive community, then through ascension results achieve the resumption or secondary schooling transfer successful, this approach need patience and self-control is remarkable,What often happens is that when you get into a less ethical school, your grades plummet, and you end up wasting a lot of money and youth.Even if the self-control is very strong, have this perseverance, but others can graduate in 4 years, you need 6 years to complete the undergraduate study, this itself is a failure.

I spent three years in the United States with ups and downs.From expectation to disappointment, regret to discomfort, despair to numbness.Also accompanied by a period of strong sense of loneliness, so many times I want to give up studying abroad to return to China.But at least they stuck to it.But in my last year I had an accident. I was caught cheating and the cheat sheet was taken away.Why cheat?I think I don’t have an exact answer, can only say that cheating before, was not found, was found this time.

American colleges and universities have always attached great importance to academic integrity. For violations of cheating, plagiarism and other related behaviors, punishments will be taken, including but not limited to warning, suspension, suspension, expulsion and other related punishments.Once you are suspended or expelled from school, I20 will become invalid and you need to leave the country within the specified time.According to incomplete statistics, in addition to routine violations such as plagiarism and cheating, prejudice and discrimination among professors are also problems encountered by international students in the United States.

Most professors prefer students who master professional knowledge well, give them face in class, have high participation in class, share the same interests with them or have novel ideas without challenging their authority too much.I suggest that in addition to carefully selecting the major, you must sit in the middle and front of the class, and actively participate in the discussion in class. Every time, you should find some relevant questions and bring them up in class or after class. At ordinary times, you should read all your teacher’s papers and occasionally make some comments that both clearly and implicitly agree with his views.It is not too difficult to pass the professor’s 1 to 3 papers.

I ruled out the idea of transferring to another school, because it would take too long to transfer to a better school. The main reason was that I didn’t want my parents to know that I didn’t graduate.I plan to skip the undergraduate course through background improvement and directly apply for Master education, so that I can explain to my parents and myself, and finally get the Master degree back to China.Because I was expelled from an American university, it was very difficult for me to transfer to other schools. However, I have already been in my junior year in an American university, and I have prematurely met the prerequisites for studying for a Master’s degree.And this option also allows you to get your degree as soon as possible, without having to waste a lot of time to transfer to another college.

There is no desperate situation in life.The doom lies in your own heart not opening.How can there be light in your life when you have sealed up your heart and plunged it into darkness?A closed heart is like a windowless room, you will be in eternal darkness.But in fact, all around is a layer of paper, a poke to break, outside is a piece of brilliant sky.Don’t envy others, who all have pain;Don’t lose yourself, cheer up is better than anything.I am overseas Jennie turtle, daily continue to share different emergency (expelled, not graduated) study abroad information.