I have not graduated from Cardiff University

If you can’t graduate from Cardiff University because of too many failing grades, what measures will you take to solve this problem?It’s an extreme question, but unfortunately my friend Nancy was kicked out of school last week for failing her grade.Before, I had received a warning from the school for failing too many exams. At the beginning of this semester, I was warned again because of homework plagiarism. After the end of the semester, I got my grades down and was asked to leave the school for many times because I failed.Nancy tried to transfer to another school, but she could not transfer because of her poor grades, and her VISA will expire soon.

In the UK, the results of the second year and the third year each account for different proportion of the final degree results, and the score of the first year as the adaptation stage is not included in the degree results.GPA is a weighted average algorithm, that is, each grade is linked to its corresponding credit.In Britain, there are two types of failure: failing the paper or failing the exam. If it is a paper, you can apply for the good cause application. For example, the computer suddenly broke down before the deadline, or someone has been ill for a long time, and they are in a bad mental state.If you fail the exam, it can also be said that it is because of your special situation, caused by some objective force majeure reasons, you can apply to the school for special treatment, will generally provide additional make-up opportunity.International students should pay attention to the information of the school about make-up examination and the make-up examination time

Before returning to China, I talked to her by phone several times, mainly about matters related to her appeal. I did not ask her why she plagiarized, but tried every resource to help her appeal.In the UK, once plagiarism is discovered by the school, it is very likely to be expelled from the school. Moreover, I also learned that she was discovered by the school for ghostwriting six months ago.This undoubtedly made things worse. In the Meeting, I asked her to submit the proof of depression and at the same time voluntarily admit her mistake.She had no choice but to go back to China, because she was expelled and her T4 visa would be cancelled soon, so she had to come back and make another plan. She did not intend to tell her parents about this matter, so she could delay it.

We always say that efforts will pay off, pay can always get the antidote, but sometimes, not all of the persistence can be exchanged for success.Study abroad this road is not easy to go, every year more than thirty percent of foreign students in other places, not that we are not hard enough, but sometimes bad luck, the final result is not satisfactory.There are also many majors called death majors, with a high elimination rate and a high failure rate. Many overseas students do not pay attention to the major they choose, and finally lead to their failure to study abroad and fail to get the degree.

Was fired after a period of time, I also help her to find the related solution, first, transfer to the school she continue, but lower transfer can only be transferred to the general colleges and universities, and it will take more time and money to finish her undergraduate studies, have extended their undergraduate to four or five years, time Nancy couldn’t tell their parents what’s undergraduate course will read so long, also don’t want to waste them more money.The other plan is to let her directly skip the undergraduate course and apply for a Master Degree in the end, which can fill her time gap and give her parents a good explanation. The Master Degree she finally gets is undoubtedly more cost-effective than the undergraduate Degree that takes five or six years to get.

If people don’t take you seriously, instead of being angry, try to be angry.Yes, now you are not enough weight, and so one day, you have enough weight, also have enough wisdom, other people’s coldness and contempt, flattery and flattery, also have nothing to do with you, to you do not have any impact, you will take a transparent smile in the face of the world, but also learn to Thanksgiving life all the changes in temperature and true and false.I am overseas Jennie turtle, daily continue to share different emergency (expelled, not graduated) study abroad information.