In the United States, there are a lot of failed undergraduate courses and the GPA is very low

In the United States, there are a lot of failed undergraduate courses and the GPA is very low

In this month, I felt that my state was getting worse and worse. I gradually became autistic, afraid of all ringtones and mobile phone prompts, unwilling to answer anyone’s phone calls, and my temper became more and more irritable.All satisfaction, what is often called happiness, is in fact often a negative rather than a positive thing.Since last year, my mental state has been in a poor state due to the pressure of courses. I suffered through a year of ups and downs, but finally I still failed to save my GPA. At the beginning of the year, I was suspended because I failed too many courses.

With the fermentation of time, I began to gradually become lonely, time is walking, the growth of the rings, and my friends, but also become less up.I do not ask others to understand, nor do I expect empathy.Because my happiness is not experienced by others, the pain of nature is not felt.The journey in Canada for several years made me forget to leave, but also made me miserable. It was during the study abroad that I deeply realized what is “mature”.If I had known the price of maturity is so high, would I have chosen to grow up?I also began to get confused.

When we are young, we are always squandering our youth. When the sun sets in the west, we are far away, but we recall our past years.We always in the best time wasted, filled with youth in the campus swim, at a certain moment to wake up, just realize that they have missed the learning is fundamental.It is the same with studying abroad. From the moment we choose to study abroad, we are far ahead of most people. If we can’t make good use of our advantages, we will fall far behind others of the same age.

A lot of people can not graduate during study, can want to transfer, but Canada wants to transfer to other areas generally this is very difficult, even if can transfer, because transfer credits and the reason of its own situation, can only transfer to a few relatively poor schools, and will likely continue to read afresh.If it is 100 credits, only 50 credits or even 40 credits may be retained after transfer. This phenomenon is very common. Sometimes, we can continue our study through appeal, but most of the time, we are expelled from the school and finally cannot graduate.You can also transfer to a community college or attend a Diploma, but this means that you can’t get the certification back in China. If you are not recognized in China, it will be difficult to find a job.

I couldn’t tell my parents that I wouldn’t graduate, and I knew I couldn’t break the news to them.But I have been __2__from school, can you get a Degree is still not clear, can’t continue to stay in Canada, I even want to professional schools in the past, learning a skill, but later I gave up the idea, because I hadn’t thought of immigration Canada or work in Canada, I would like to get a Degree.

In addition to transfer, I have also considered a solution during this period, which is to directly skip the undergraduate application for Master study. For example, the Master course in the UK only lasts one year.Finally, I will get the Master Degree. Now there are also ways to directly apply for the Master Degree.It is just right for me to connect the date of my undergraduate graduation and tell my parents that I have graduated. Meanwhile, I plan to study for a one-year Master’s degree. The cost for a year will not be too high, and I still have the tuition in front of me.Finally, getting the Master Degree can give my parents and myself a better job opportunity.

Everyone in this world has unlimited potential, and everyone has special skills. In this world, there is no one who is useless, and of course there is no one who can be blind from head to toe.Please believe, no matter how others see, even if the whole world deny you, you have to believe in yourself.Find your true self, because only you can save yourself.I am overseas Jennie turtle, daily continue to share different emergency (expelled, not graduated) study abroad information.